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  • Sailfindragon
    Another one of my older creations, now updated! I'm on a roll, so I figure why stop now. This is the Contrasting Brick Set. The set consists of 6 contrasting brick walls in 6 earthy type colors. The bricks themselves have a very sandy texture.
    I have also updated these walls to package file format and renamed so they can easily be identified within your downloads folder.

    Hope you enjoy. Happy Simming.

    Stone Tile Wall & Floor Set consists of 8 Floors in a variety of two-tone colors. Also included are 8 Half (more like 3 quarter) Tile Walls with white wood base skirting, white wood dado and painted upper half. Both walls & floors have a white grout finish in the tile area.
    Like my other creations, this is a custom texture made by me. So, if there's a color I have not included within this set that you would like to see in your game, feel free to let me know and I will see what I can do.

    Hope you enjoy. Happy Simming.

    The Small Mosaic Wall & Floor Tile Set includes 5 new walls & 5 new floors. Inspired by the walls that were included within the Bathroom & Kitchen Stuff pack, I decided to make something similar in a variety of bright contrasting colors. The walls have a tile base with white border, the upper wall is a paint texture. 
    Hope you enjoy.
    Walls & Floors can be found in the tile within the Wall & Floor categories.

    There never seems to be enough single tile dining tables for Sims. Especially sims just starting out in small homes/apartments with limited space. So I thought I would make a small set of single tile dining tables. Repository has been used. See below for more information.

    This set includes the following-

    Metro 1x1 Dining Table
    Modern style square table. Polycount -392
    Toulouse 1x1 Dining Table
    The same as the full-size version I did many moons ago, but single tile. Polycount - 420
    Neptune 1x1 Dining Table
    This is a new mesh. Round single tile table. Polycount - 918
    Lily 1x1 Dining Table
    This is another new mesh. A single tile round table. Polycount - 698
    Ellis 1x1 Dining Table
    This is another new mesh. A single tile table with rounded edge table top. Polycount - 808

    The Ellis Dining Table is the Master Mesh. All the other tables get their textures from this file. This mesh needs to be installed for the other tables to show correctly.

    Each table has 2 additional recolors included. Enjoy

    The Boston Patio Dining Set consists of a 2 x 1 table, a 1 x 1 table, dining chair both with and without armrests. Both table and chairs have 2 recolorable parts. There is one additional recolor included within this set. Repository has been used with this set. The chair with no arms takes its textures from the main chair. 
    The 1×1 table takes it textures from the larger dining table. The master packages files are required for the other items to show correctly in-game.

    This is the Ashbourne Fence & Gate Set I just released for the Sims 3. I decided that it would be nice for Sims 2 players, myself included, to have this set too. Included is the Ashbourne Fence & Gate with 2 additional recolors, 3 including the mesh. Oak, Cherry & Dark Wood.
    Hope you enjoy. Happy Simming.
    There are two versions included below. One for users who only have the Sims 2 Base Game installed and one for users who have expansions installed. Please only install one version.

    Updated for Patch/Pets - Game tested.

    The Boston Patio Dining Set consists of a 2 x 1 table, a 1 x 1 table, dining chair both with and without arm-rests. 
    Both chairs have 2 recolorable channels and the tables have 3 recolorable channels. There is 3 presets included with the set.

    The parasol pictured in the screenshot is from World Adventures.

    Hope you enjoy it. Happy Simming.