I DO NOT use meshes constructed by others. All meshes are constructed by me in Maya.
I DO NOT use google to source textures/patterns/moldings etc. Those are made entirely from scratch in Photoshop. (Unless otherwise stated.)

The reason for stating this?

To ensure that people don't assume that they can take my content and use it however they feel, then justify its use by saying "It probably came from Google in the first place."



You are welcome to include Meshes with your own recolors. Share-friendly. Please Credit and provide a link where possible.


You are welcome to include Meshes/Walls/Floors with your Lots. Please give Credit and provide a link where possible.


DO NOT convert my Sims 2 meshes to Sims 3/Sims 4 or vis-verse.
DO NOT use or modify any of my Meshes/Walls/Floors/Textures for your own projects. DO NOT take any of my creations and pass them off as your own!
DO NOT upload ANY of my creations etc.. to your own site to download directly.

Apologies for my Terms of Use being somewhat strict. I have had issues with simmers using my creations and either passing them off as their own and/or not giving credit.

Creative Commons Licence
Graphics, Textures and 3D models by Deborah Knox is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at
13Pumpkin and Leo Sims have been given permission to convert my meshes to Sims 4.


What software do you use to make your textures/patterns?

I use Photoshop CS4, I was using Photoshop CC for a time, but reverted back to save on costs. On occasion, I also use a program
In-Game Software:
For Walls/Floors/Patterns - I use Homecrafter Plus for Sims 2, Delphy's Pattern Tool for Sims 3 and Sims 4Studio.
For Meshes - I use SimPE for Sims 2, TSR Workshop for Sims 3 & 4. I would use Sims4Studio, but it doesn't allow importing from Maya/Milkshape and requires Blender, which I hate using and have no intention of learning how to.

What software do you use to make your Meshes? 

Meshes are entirely made, UV-mapped and baked in Autodesk Maya. I'm using a really old version, 2008 if I remember correctly. I have often thought about upgrading, however, the sheer cost and frequency of which I use the software prohibited me from investing in a newer version. I export the completed meshes into Milkshape 3D which then allows me to import into the TSR Workshop tool.

How did you learn to create 3D Meshes?

I am extremely fortunate to be friends with Shtinky from Holysimoly, who assisted me a lot in the beginning. I also watched hours of online videos, courses and blog posts on meshing in Maya. There was a lot of late nights and the temptation to throw my computer out the window was high, but the hard work paid off. Even over a decade later, I am still learning new things.

Do you make your textures/patterns from scratch?

Yes. I have been for some years now. When I first began creating CC all those years ago, I didn't always as I wasn't as proficient in Photoshop as I am now. However, even back then I had the same philosophy as I have now and that is to never steal other peoples hard work to create my own. I only wish the small minority of CC creators shared this same belief. Just because it's on a Google search doesn't mean you can help yourself to it and claim it as your own.
I have learned a lot in the last ten years and I am desperate to go through my old creations and give them a huge update.

Do you use Adfly URL links? 

Hell no! I have a job that pays my bills, I use blogger to host my posts and Onedrive/Google Drive/SimFileShare to host my files. I pay a nominal yearly amount for the domain name. Creating CC is a hobby, not a job, it allows me to be creative and is an outlet away from the stresses of life. If I wanted to be paid to create content, I would have pursued a career in 3D digital modeling or graphic design.

Can I use/modify your textures/patterns/meshes to make my own? 

Read my TOU above. The short answer is no. I have had too many 'creators' take my stuff use it in their own work and claim it as their own. I've been part of the Sims community since The Sims 2 and can't believe this still goes on. I also find it appalling that many still in the community condone this behavior by throwing up the EULA everytime someone calls them out on it.
This is one of the main reasons for the some of the big creators out there walked away from the community years ago.
Apologies for the rant and steps down from her soapbox!

Do you use Tumblr? 

Yes, Dragon Black Sims has a Tumblr page which I use only to promote my latest CC content. However, I don't use it for sharing file links. (I did toy with the idea at one point.) With the exception of a few awesome creators who primarily use the platform in conjunction with their blogs, the Simblr community is toxic and I tend to avoid at all costs.

Do you host your content on other sites?

Yes, ModtheSims and I also have some on Leefish.

Do you take requests/suggestions? 

No, I have limited time and gravitate towards creating content that inspires me or items I personally want to see in the game. However, on occasion, more so with walls & floors, I will make a requested color for someone or use something they have suggested.
Although, I am under no obligation to do so.

Do you reply to creating questions?

Yes, if you message me, I endeavor to reply where possible. However, I do not and will not respond to questions of a personal nature.

WCIF's requests/questions?

Only if it concerns my CC or content from creators that originally was uploaded to the now-closed SailfinSims.

Who are your favorite creators, past and present? 

Holysimoly, who unfortunately doesn't create any more for The Sims. Peacemaker-ic, Rosie from SNW, Fake Houses-Real Awesome, Faith of Kaela Kreations, Simlicious...and my mind has gone blank. I'm positive I have forgotten a whole boatload of fabulous creators. I think more coffee is needed.

PC Specs/Gaming Rig - Self Built. 

Motherboard - Asus Republic of Gamers Maximus V Extreme
CPU - i7 Intel 3770 (Ivy Bridge)
Case - Cooler Master HAF X - Black RAM - 16GB - I really need to upgrade to 32GB!
GPU - Asus Nvidia GTX 970 Strix 4GB
PSU: Corsair AX850 Pro Series Gold PSU
Display - Samsung 27" Widescreen LED Monitor
SSD: Samsung 840 Series Pro 128GB
HDD: 2 x 1TB

OS - Windows 10
Tablet - Wacom Intuos Pro Large