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    Still Hard at Work

    Although I've been quiet over the last week or so, I can assure you that I'm still hard at it. I've been tidying, updating and organizing custom content on my PC. It is amazing how many redundant or duplicate files you can accumulate over the course of a decade. It had gotten to the point it was really driving me insane, so I decided to bite the bullet and finally do something about it. Plus, it meant that my backups to Onedrive and Google Drive weren't also filled with unneeded files/folders that were just taking up space. I have also been updating a tonne of my older content. The horrendous Sims 2 creations I made way back in 2007/2008 and was so proud of at the time. Naturally, after a decade of using Photoshop, I like to think that I have improved quite a bit and can bring my older stuff up to present-day standards. So expect a few Sims 2 updates soon. I still have a few site bits and pieces to do. I want to add a page to add my favorite color palettes, the ones I use heavily in my CC. I am also in the process of tidying up the SailfinSims site files. Not sure what I really want to do in that regard. Ultimately, I want the former resident creators CC, organized, upload to Onedrive and off my PC. However, that will take time. Well, time to get back to it. Happy Simming and much love,
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    July Update

    It has been months since I last posted. I didn't expect to be so busy with other areas of my working/personal life. Writing my debut novel, book one in 'The Evolved Series' and dealing with the many other aspects that go along with that has taken me away from creating any new content. I am hopeful that at some point soon, I will be able to find time to upload the content I have already completed. Fingers crossed. I do not imagine it will be this month. I still have a large amount of work to complete before the end of July. Sorry, this is such a short post. Back to work.
  3. Sailfindragon

    Happy New Year

    Wow, I cannot believe its 2018! 2017 went in so quickly and I haven't achieved half of what I set out to do. Real life has a way of screwing you over whenever it gets the chance. I hope that a new year will see me hit the goals I missed. With that said, despite now working full-time, I have begun simming again. Nothing major at the moment. Most of what I will be doing is updating old CC, fixing broken links on the site and releasing content I made last year but didn't get around to uploading. I am also in the process of uploading all my CC to ModtheSims to make it more accessible should it for any reason be unavailable here. However, it will always be released her first, then likely appear there a few days later.
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    Anderson Window Set

    Updated for Pets/Patch. This is a set I started quite a while ago, but never really got around to finishing it. Well, my mojo has been on full steam over the last few days and I finally finished the set of windows. The set consists of; A single tall window A double tall window A single short window A double short window A single small window Each window has 3 recolorable parts, so there is plenty of options for styling. There are 4 variation colors included with each window.