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Found 7 results

  1. Sailfindragon

    Boston Patio Dining Set

    Updated for Patch/Pets - Game tested. The Boston Patio Dining Set consists of a 2 x 1 table, a 1 x 1 table, dining chair both with and without arm-rests. Both chairs have 2 recolorable channels and the tables have 3 recolorable channels. There is 3 presets included with the set. The parasol pictured in the screenshot is from World Adventures. Hope you enjoy it. Happy Simming.
  2. Sailfindragon

    Tigra Office Desk

    *Updated for Pets/Patch. This is the Tigra Office Desk. It has three recolorable channels and includes 3 color variations that match the Tigra Table Set and the Tigra Dining Table. Hope you enjoy.
  3. Sailfindragon

    Manhattan Table Set

    This is the Manhattan Table Set. It has a modern feel with drawers and metal drawer handles. The set consists of a Coffee Table, 1x1 Coffee Table, End Table, and Sideboard. Each item has 3 recolorable channels. The sideboard can be found under coffee tables or miscellaneous surfaces and contains 13 slots. Hope you enjoy using these. Updated for the patch and tested.
  4. Sailfindragon

    Bedford Office

    Bedford Office - Contains full desk with drawer cabinet, Single wall desk, and Single drawer cabinet. All items have two recolorable channels with the exception of the drawer cabinet, which as three. The drawer cabinet can be found under end tables. Cost: Single Desk - 125 Full Desk - 325 Drawer Cabinet: 245
  5. Sailfindragon

    Albany Lounge Chairs

    This is the Albany Lounge Chairs. It consists of a Living Chair & two seater Loveseat. Both chairs have two recolorable channels
  6. Sailfindragon

    Trinity Framed Wall Mirror

    Trinity Framed Wall Mirror. Contains one recolorable channel. File includes six color variations. Enjoy and Happy simming.
  7. Sailfindragon

    Tigra Tables Set

    *Updated for Pets/Patch. This was a set I originally did for the Sims 2 many moons ago, however, I decided to update them and release it for the Sims 3. The set includes an End Table, 1 x 1 Coffee Table, 2 x 1 Coffee Table and a Sideboard. The sideboard can be found under coffee tables or miscellaneous surfaces and contains 13 slots. Hope you enjoy using these. Each item has 3 recolorable channels. I have only included the package files within the zip. If you require the sims3pack files, I can provide these if required.