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Found 28 results

  1. I seem to be making a lot of tile and wood textures lately, so I thought I would venture out of the norm and do some carpet instead. This is the result. The striped carpet has a subtle ribbed texture which reminds me very much of tight carpet pile. To be honest, I wasn't entirely sure of these when I finished, but once I saw them in-game I was pleased. I hope you are too. Included: 50 Color Variations. A Collection File/Custom Icon. Category->Floor->Carpets. Cost-> $2. Swatch included below for reference. Happy Simming.
  2. I originally made these floors for Sims 2 a decade ago. However, I thought it was time to dig them out and a give them an overhaul. I have kept the original 7 colors and added a lot more. Fifty floors in total! I have also provided a swatch in the screenshots below for your reference and a collection file has been included within the download. I hope you enjoy using them. Category->Flooring->Wood. Cost->$2 The files included will not overwrite the previous version, so it is best to remove them prior to installing these.
  3. Square Tile Flooring in 46 colors complete with contrasting white grout. I have used my usual colors, so these tiles will match with quite a number of my wall sets. Collection file included making it a little easier to find in-game. Hope you enjoy. This set is also available for TS4 here. As before this is a custom texture made by me. If you have any issues or problems, please leave a comment below. Happy Simming.
  4. I've already released this set for TS4, now working on the TS2 version. The TS3 version will likely be released as a pattern.
  5. Stone Herringbone Floors in a range of earthy colours with deep-set contrasting cement grout. 7 color variations included. Hope you enjoy. Happy Simming.
  6. Ribbed Carpet Set in a variety of 10 colors - These are one of the first items I ever made for the Sims 2. However I have completely updated & renamed them in .package format. Hope you enjoy. Happy Simming.
  7. The Small Mosaic Wall & Floor Tile Set includes 5 new walls & 5 new floors. Inspired by the walls that were included within the Bathroom & Kitchen Stuff pack, I decided to make something similar in a variety of bright contrasting colors. The walls have a tile base with white border, the upper wall is a paint texture. Hope you enjoy. Walls & Floors can be found in the tile within the Wall & Floor categories.
  8. Stone Tile Wall & Floor Set consists of 8 Floors in a variety of two-tone colors. Also included are 8 Half (more like 3 quarter) Tile Walls with white wood base skirting, white wood dado and painted upper half. Both walls & floors have a white grout finish in the tile area. Like my other creations, this is a custom texture made by me. So, if there's a color I have not included within this set that you would like to see in your game, feel free to let me know and I will see what I can do. Hope you enjoy. Happy Simming.
  9. Another one of my older creations, now updated! I'm on a roll, so I figure why stop now. This is the Contrasting Brick Set. The set consists of 6 contrasting brick walls in 6 earthy type colors. The bricks themselves have a very sandy texture. I have also updated these walls to package file format and renamed so they can easily be identified within your downloads folder. Hope you enjoy. Happy Simming.
  10. Exterior Wood Effect Paneling Set in a variety of 9 colors. These are one of my many earlier creations that I made over 4 years ago. I have since updated them entirely and renamed appropriately in package format. Hope you enjoy. Happy Simming.
  11. I originally made this for the Sims 2 way back. However, I have been going through some of my folders and updating some of my oldest creations. The Old Slatted Wood Flooring includes 7 different finishes/color variations. Hope you enjoy. Happy Simming.
  12. Wide Panel Floors in a variety of Wood Finishes. Set includes 8 wood color variations. I made these quite some time ago and have recently updated them. The package files have also been renamed to better identify them in your download folder. Hope you enjoy. Happy Simming.
  13. This is an older set I did when I first started creating for the Sims 2. Like some of my other older Sims 2 creations, I decided to update these walls. They have also been renamed to better identify them in your download folder. The set includes the Wood Wall Panels in a variety of 8 color variations. Hope you enjoy. Happy Simming.
  14. Deep Pile Wool Rugs in a variety of colors. This is a recolor of the Sunburst Oriental Rug. Therefore Nightlife is required. 14 recolors included. Hope you enjoy using these. Happy Simming.
  15. The Boston Patio Dining Set consists of a 2 x 1 table, a 1 x 1 table, dining chair both with and without armrests. Both table and chairs have 2 recolorable parts. There is one additional recolor included within this set. Repository has been used with this set. The chair with no arms takes its textures from the main chair. The 1×1 table takes it textures from the larger dining table. The master packages files are required for the other items to show correctly in-game.
  16. This is the Ashbourne Fence & Gate Set I just released for the Sims 3. I decided that it would be nice for Sims 2 players, myself included, to have this set too. Included is the Ashbourne Fence & Gate with 2 additional recolors, 3 including the mesh. Oak, Cherry & Dark Wood. Hope you enjoy. Happy Simming. There are two versions included below. One for users who only have the Sims 2 Base Game installed and one for users who have expansions installed. Please only install one version.
  17. Stone Paving Floor Set in 9 color variations. Each floor has a deep set gritty grout with a smooth random stone tile finish. Hope you enjoy and Happy Simming.
  18. Worn Stucco Wall Set - 30 Stucco Walls with a variety of white wood moldings & panels. The set comprises of 10 x Worn Stucco Walls with white wood moldings, 10 x Worn Stucco Walls with white wood panels & moldings and 10 x Worn Stucco Walls with white wood moldings & high wood panels. This is a custom texture, so if there is a color you would like. Please let me know. Hope you enjoy. Happy Simming.
  19. Set of 14 Weathered Wood Walls. 7 Siding & 7 Paneling in a variety of colors. Hope you enjoy. This is a custom texture. If you require a color not included in this set. Please let me know.
  20. Basketweave Stone Paving Floor Set with deep-set gritty grout with a smooth stone tile finish. This floor uses the same texture as the Stone Tile Paving Floor Set. This is a custom texture, so if you would like me to include a specific color, please let me know. Hope you enjoy. Happy Simming.
  21. Today I bring you. Plain Wood Siding in 8 color variations. Hope you like and enjoy using them.Happy Simming.
  22. Stripe Wallpaper with White Mouldings. Comes in 9 color variations. Hope you enjoy.
  23. Two Tone Tile Wall & Floor Set – Consists of 6 two-tone tile walls & 12 matching tile floors. These walls use the same tile in my previous sets.
  24. Stone Tile Wall & Floor Set – This is the second part of a set of walls and floors I am currently working on. This set consists of stone tile walls with white moldings and stone tile floors all in lighter muted colors. There are 8 of each in this set.
  25. Cherry Blossom Wall Set consists of 18 walls with 8 color variations in a variety of grey wood moldings. Kick plates, Mid height panels, and high panels. Cost: 1$ Enjoy.
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