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Found 5 results

  1. Since I managed to squeeze in some time in Photoshop today, to work on some downloads. This is the Cracked Plaster Pattern. It has one recolorable channel and looks great on walls.
  2. I have been updating some patterns, including this Cracked Rock Pattern. The Cracked Rock Pattern has one recolorable channel and can be found in the Rock & Stone category of CAS.
  3. I thought I would squeeze in some time to update and release the Retro Circle pattern. It looks really good on clothing and furniture as it has much more of a fabric feel. Hope you enjoy If you have any issues please leave a comment here.
  4. This is the second of nine sets of Geometric Pattern Sets I am currently working on. There are 5 unique patterns per set, each having a small version, 10 patterns in total. I have used quite subtle default colors for this set. But each pattern has two recolorable channels, which will enable you to color with your own palettes.
  5. Well, my pattern obsession seems to know no bounds. lol. Poor photoshop! Another one of my old patterns updated! The Stone Tile pattern has three recolorable channels and can be found in the tile/mosaic category. Hope you enjoy. As always if you have any issues, please do not hesitate to let me know.
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